Candy Nebula (2015) - Flute Concerto (c.16').
Premiere: Jaymee Coonjobeeharry/Asyla Ensemble/Ollie Till, 14/8/15.
Instrumentation: Solo flute and - - drums - keys(hpsd/cel/e.pno) - sop/sop/alto (3 soli) - str[].

From a Yellow Cab (2014) - for mixed ensemble (c.8').
Premiere: Players from UoM/Tom Goff, May 2014.
Instrumentation: Alto sax, trumpet in Bb, trombone, jazz drum kit, 3 percussion, piano, double bass.

Dreamland (2014) - for tenor, alto flute, clarinet and percussion [vibes + crotales] (c.6').
Premiere: Players from UoM/HB, February 2014.
Text by Lewis Carroll.

Frog fat (2013) - for mixed ensemble (c.5').
Premiere: Players from UoM/HB, Nov 2013.
Instrumentation: Bass clarinet, trumpet in Bb, trombone, violin, double bass

Offroad Tattoo (2013) - for mixed ensemble (c.6').
Premiere: Players from UoM/Tom Goff, May 2013. Performed at New Music North West festival, Nov 2013.
Instrumentation: Soprano sax (=baritone sax), baritone sax, trombone, 2 percussion, piano, electric guitar, amplified double bass.

Le soleil suit toujours la pluie (2012) - for string quartet (c.3'30").
Premiere: Quatuor Danel, 6/12/12.

Incidental choral music for Women of Troy (2011) - for SSAA chorus (c.7').
Premiere: Marlborough College production, November 2011.
Also arranged for string quartet.

Electro-Acoustic Jam (2011) - for 6 players (40').
Premiere: Players from Marlborough College/HB, 4/3/11.
Instrumentation: [Player 1: clarinet/bass clarinet] - [Player 2: alto sax] - [Player 3: tenor sax/duduk] - [Player 4: clarinet/electric guitar/bass guitar] - [Player 5: keyboards] - [Player 6: percussion]



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